Train Rental

2023 Trackless Train Rental Rates

Hourly Rate

$350       2 hrs or less
$450      3 hrs
$125       per hour 4 hrs & up

  • Multiple day jobs a "per diem fee" (For hotel stay & meals) is included for jobs located 100 miles or more from Rochester Hills, MI.
  • A $75 setup fee may apply for larger events, this will be included in your quote, if applicable. 

*We specialize in large events such as Fairs, Festivals, Carnivals, Company Picnics, Church and School events, etc..

* Due to our train's size and weight, Our train is not available for residential. (i.e. birthday parties and block parties, etc..)  

Booking Policy

A deposit of $50 dollars will be collected to hold your reservation. The remaining balance

will be due the day of the event.


$25.00 for 0-19 miles

$50.00 for 20-59 miles

$100 for 60-99 miles

$125 for 100-125 miles

$1.25 per mile for 126+ miles

  • If your organization, school, church, or town require that they be listed as an

“Additional Insured” on our liability insurance policy, please provide us with the name

and address as they would like it to appear and we will send you the certificate . An

additional fee of $35 applies to this service

  • We can run on any flat surface (Asphalt, cement, grass, or gravel).

  • For your safety we do not run on roads or parking lots unless we have a dedicated spot to run without vehicular traffic.

(All roads must be barricaded by local jurisdiction).

  • A site evaluation is required before holding the date, to determine accessibility and

safety of train route.

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